The creators of Dentist Bird are partnering with educational non-profit organizations to reach students in underserved communities where access to educational technology is limited. We are committed to helping bridge the digital divide in the US and around the world. 

We Care Foundation

Proceeds from sales of Dentist Bird have been donated to We-Care  to support its literacy work during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak in Liberia. 

We-Care is an educational non-profit organization that trains teachers on strategies to improve reading and writing, publishes children’s books, and runs lending libraries in schools and economically challenged communities throughout Liberia. To date, it has trained over 900 teachers and impacted the lives of more than 20,000 students. 

Curious Learning Project


As a content partner, Dentist Bird is being deployed on educational tablets distributed by the Curious Learning Project Uganda, South Africa, Ethiopia, as well as rural Georgia and Alabama. 

The Global Literacy Project pioneered the Curious Learning System, a nonprofit founded to ensure every child receives an education—regardless of resources or location. Led by experts from MIT, Tufts and Georgia State University, the Global Literacy Project applies advances in science and technology in its quest to lift millions out of poverty and into global citizenship.

The Rumie Initiative

Dentist Bird was loaded onto 500+ Rumie tablets that were distributed to educational partners in Liberia and Sierra Leone 

The Rumie Initiative is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring free digital educational content to the world’s underprivileged children. Preloaded with high-quality educational textbooks, videos and games tailored to a child’s age and curriculum, Rumie Tablets are full, interactive digital libraries that cost less than the average textbook. Everything can be used offline, making it a portable library that students can use anywhere in the world.

Know What’s Inside


Dentist Bird follows and meets ‘Know What’s Inside’ best practices for kids’ apps.

Know What's Inside gives parents the power to choose the best apps for their kids. We only feature developers committed to our high standards for protecting kids’ privacy and building great family-
friendly apps – and we always make it quick and easy to Know What’s Inside every app we feature so that parents can decide if it’s right for their kids.